About Us

    The Founder of SASARAN ART

    Ng Bee, Graduated from the prestige’s Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore 1976 and Ecolle National Superieure des Beaux-Art, Paris in 1979 with a Degree in Fine Art was his first step toward bringing forth his inner creative forces. To him a wholesome living must incorporated into an artist life, balancing creative energy with realistic day to day life. Sasaran, a small fishing village at the fringe of Selangor, Malaysia as his home and in 2009 he initiated the formation of Sasaran Art Association.

    For the past 20 years, he has been actively involved in art and culture development in Malaysia thought conducting workshops, art exhibitions and seminars.His passion on art did not stop just being an artist but creating and implementing creativity into daily life. He sees art in all expect of existence; surrounding as well from the inner self.

    Bring forth ones creativity is a lifelong learning process and sharing it with fellow likeminded friends and associates will be his main concentration at this current moment. Year 2011 will see him organising 2nd Sasaran International Art Workshop with participation of artists from all over the world with the objective, to showcase, share and educate.

    His work best with abstract delivery format which is a form of visual language of form, colour and line to create a composition which can be a degree of independent from the general visual of the world. It is a form of imagery art which can be partial or total from accuracy.

    Our Vision

    BeBeing born and bred in Sasaran, naturally we hold this small place closed to our heart with beautiful memories of growing up, gorgeous landscape, unique lifestyle, harmonious people and surprising the emerging of creative talents of all forms. The combination of all suitable elements bought about our wish to develop it into community of culture and art.

    For many artists who made Sasaran as their base, nothing is more important than the unhurried, steady and unrestricted life. Each day they are among friends and life is the way they see it.

    Our simple and long term objectives are :

    • To develop Sasaran Town as the centre of artistic excellent with the focus of creation and presentation of Malaysian creative expression.
    • To develop a community of distinguish artistic lifestyle by encouraging of local communities participant on all workshops or projects.  
    • To establish educational activities for all levels of community to propagate artistic talent.
    • To increase the accessibility of art to the public by organizing various forms of art appreciation programs, hand-on involvement in making art and by incorporating live art in our surrounding.
    • To provide venues for the exhibition of art works by providing gallery space, promotion of artist and strategic marketing.
    • To internationalize Malaysian art work.