Artists - Palguna

    Born : Ubud Kelod,12 Oktober 1976.

    Studies : Indonesia Institute of Art, Yogyakarta

    Address : + Druwo, RT 02/RW 17, No: 67 B. Bangunharjo, Sewon.

    Yogyakarta 55187.

    Phone:62-274-445409 / HP: 62-8122957667

    E- mail:

    + Jalan Raya Campuhan,Ubud.
    P.O.Box 68, Gianyar 80571

    Phone/Fax: ( 0361 ) 975731.

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    2011“Avowal”at Bentara Budaya Jogjakarta
    2010“Revelation”at Tony Raka Art Gallery, Bali
    2010“Menggali Tulang”at Tembi Contemporary Jogja
    2008‘ Ritus Air”at Sri Sasanti Jogjakarta
    2006‘Atap Langit’at Kiridesa Gallery, Singapore
    2005“Leaf ”at Alliaence Francesse, Singapore | ‘Dewa-Dewi’at Montiq Gallery, Jakarta
    2003‘Fantasi Tak Berujung’ at Mondecor Gallery,Jakarta
    2001‘ Premature’at Taman Budaya Denpasar, Bali
    2000‘Anjing !!!’at Bentara Budaya. | ’Mengintip Monolog’at Santi Gallery
    1999‘Celebration’at Kiridesa Gallery, Singapore | ’Monolog’at Gallery Padi, Bandung.
    1998At Kohara Gallery, California,USA.
    1997At Nakskov Gymnasium,Denmark


    2011Exhibition at ASYAAF with Gallery LVS, Seoul-Korea
    Exhibition “ Art of motorcycle” at Taman Budaya Jogjakarta
    Exhibition “Sujana, Duatmika and Palguna at Abiente, Jakarta
    Exhibition with Detik 96, ‘Up Rising “at Jogjakarta Art Centre
    Exhibition “ Bali Making Choice” at Indonesia National Gallery,Jakarta
    Exhibition Asia Art Link at Philippina Central Cultur
    2010Exhibition at Bazar Art Jakarta
    Exhibition “The Object in Sculpture” at Santrian Gallery, Bali
    2009Exhibition at Biennale Jogja X at Jogjakarta
    Exhibition ‘Exsposign’ 25th Dies Natalis ISI at JEC
    Exhibition ‘Compassion and solidarity’ at UWR Festival
    Exhibition ‘Namaku tanah tho’ at Tanah Tho Gallery,Bali
    Exhibition “Illumination” at Jakarta
    Exhibition at M Gallery, Daegu, Korea
    Exhibition ‘Borderless World’ at Sri Sasanti Gallery
    Exhibiton ‘Up and Hope’ at D’peak Art Space, jakarta
    Exhibition ‘Illustrasi Cerpen Kompas’ at Bentara Jakarta
    Exhibition ‘Rai Gedheg” at Bentara Jogja,Jakarta,Bali
    2008Exhibition ‘ NEW+NEWS’ at Gracia Gallery, Surabaya
    Exhibition “SDI Now” at Tony Raka Gallery, Bali
    Exhibition “SELF” at Philo art Space, Jakarta
    Exhibition ‘Nature-Culture’ at Gracia gallery, Surabaya
    Exhibition ‘ Last Supper’ at Bentara Budaya Jogjakarta
    Exhibition IVAA Book Aid at Edwin Gallery, Jakarta
    Exhibition ‘ Bali Art Now ‘ at Jogja Gallery
    Exhibition ’69 (seksinian)’ at Jogja Gallery
    Exhibition ‘Re-invienting Bali’ at Sangkring Art Space, Jogjakarta
    Exhibition “ Survey” at Edwin Gallery, Jakarta
    2007Lounching coffee set “Sweet Couple” at Gedaung Jakarta
    Exhibition “Bali Len” at 678 Galeri, Jakarta
    Exhibition at Shanghai Art Fair
    Exhibition “Fortopolio” at Jogja Gallery
    Exhibition ‘CELEBRATE FIRE BOAR’ at CSIS, Jakarta
    Exhibition “Nostalgia” at Komaneka Gallery
    Exhibition IVAA Fund Rissing at Nadi Gallery
    2006Exhibition ‘Young Arrow’ at Jogja Gallery
    Exhibition ‘Kepala Busuk’ at Taman Budaya Denpasar
    2005Exhibition ‘Paramitra’ at Mondecor Galeri, Jakarta
    Exhibition Summit Bali Biennalle di ARMA,Ubud,Bali
    Exhibition “Nasi Campur”di Taksu Gallery,Jakarta
    Exhibition at Vannesa Art House,Jakarta
    Exhibition Art for Aceh,Gedung Societet, Jogjakarta
    Exhibition with three artis at Taksu Gallery, Jakarta
    2004Exhibition at Gracia Gallery,Surabaya
    Group exhibition ‘Mengurai’ Benang Benang ’96 at Puri Gallery
    2003Group exhibition ‘ Termogram 93/03 SDI ‘ at Neka Museum, Bali
    Exhibition ‘ Passion: Etno-Identity ‘ at Cina
    Exhibition ‘Impolsion’ at Expatriat Gallery,Jakarta
    Exhibition Enam Perupa Enam Warna at One Gallery, Jakarta
    Exhibition Borobudur Art Festival at Museum H. Widayat
    Exhibition at Drawing BazArt at Benteng Vredeburg
    2003Exhibition “ 12 th Sanggar Suwung at Benteng Vredeburg, Jogja
    Exhibition “Kebersamaan’ with SDI at Societet Building,Jogjakarta
    2002Exhibition “ Mata hati Demokrasi” at Taman Budaya Solo.
    Exhibition “Expression Of an Era” at Bali Padma, Bali
    Exhibition “ Diversity in Harmony at Sociaitet Militer, Jogja
    Exhibition at Air Gallery, Jakarta
    Exhibition “ Dialog Dua Etnik” at JFAC,Jogjakarta
    2001Exhibition “ Melampaui Rupa” at Jezz Gallery, Bali
    Exhibition “Gebiar seni lukis Bali-Yogya” at Suardana Gallery,Bali
    Exhibition “ Brumbun “ with Benang-benang 96’ SDI di Jogja .
    Exhibition “ Mister !!! “ at Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta
    Exhibition ‘ Not Just Political ‘ at Museum Widayat,Magelang
    Exhibition ‘ Bali Plus ‘ ,at Galeri Santi, Jakarta
    Exhibition 30 th Sanggar Dewata Indonesia at Galeri Nasional
    Exhibition Dies Natalis ISI at Galeri ISI
    Exhibition ‘ Bali Kontemporer ‘ at Bentara Budaya Jakarta
    Exhibition ‘ Daya Rupa ‘ PB PABBSI at Jakarta
    Exhibition ‘ Syukur Fajar Millennium III ’at Purna Budaya Yogya
    Exhibition in group at Sisi BBJ Galeri, Jakarta
    Exhibition Tanda Mata II at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
    2000Exhibition with Benang-Benang’96 at Sika Gallery.
    Exhibition ‘To Russia with Art’ at Moskwa Art Museum.
    Exhibition ‘Spirit Bali’ at INA Galery, Jakarta.
    Exhibition ‘Art in the World 2000’ at Paris, Prancis.
    Exhibition Philip Morris art Awards at Jakarta.
    Exhibition” In Evening with…” at Kiridesa, Singapore.
    Exhibition Nokia Art Awards Asia Pasifik at Sculpture Square.
    1999Exhibition Jelang Millenium at Natour Garuda Hotel.
    Exhibition Lustrum III at Indonesia Institute of Art
    Exhibition Philip Morris Art Awards at Galeri Nasional.
    Exhibition with Detik’96 at Vredeburg Port.
    Exhibition with Sanggar Dewata Indonesia at Six Museum.
    Exhibition Patisara Affandi at Indonesia Institute of Art Gallery
    Exhibition Yogyakarta Festival XI at Vredeburg Port.
    Exhibition with Benang-Benang 96’ at Art Centre,Bali.
    1998Exhibition with Sangar Dewata at Vredeburg Port.
    Exhibition Refleksi Zaman at Vredeburg Port.
    Exhibition Out Door Instalation.
    Exhibition with Garis Group at Dria Manunggal.
    1997Exhibition Yogyakarta Festival XI at Vredeburg Port.
    1996Exhibition Young Artis III at Purna Budaya.
    Exhibition Dialog Dua Kota ISI-IKJ at Purna Budaya.
    1995Exhibition Senior High School entire Indonesia at Denpasar.
    Exhibition Group 7 at Ubud

    AWARDS :
    - Big of Five Nokia Art Awards Asia Pasifik.
    - Semifinalis Philip Morris Art awards 1999,2000.
    - Semifinalis Indofood Art Awards 2002


    My works constantly reflects on modernization and the globalization process taking place today
    That is where human relationships, environment, and GOD is a unity that can not be separated.
    While progress and modernization is the spice and the peak of human achievement in the
    world on recent times. So, the value sense, reason and religious aesthetics will be the balance
    between empathy and caring environment in every living creature with our activity. Imagery
    derives from my own memories of village, known for its dense forests and also for its artistic
    life. On the multimedia work, frequently refers to the Hinduism of Bali that, like all Oriental
    Religions, calls for our senses through smell, eye and sound. Therefore, my works reflect the
    variety of Bali's living traditions. Human and animal life are frequently depicted with humor
    through references originated in my own observations of the atmosphere That surrounds me,
    frequently evoking mine child memories